Restricted and Master Keys

Restricted and Master Keys

With a master key system, you can control who goes where in your premises – enabling you to allow your staff to enter only those areas they need to be in to do their job.

Restricted key systems can work great for a property letting agent. If all your properties are fitted with restricted keys then you have control over how many keys exist. If you give the tenant two keys when they move in and they give you these two keys back when they leave, you know that these are the only keys that exist for that property, as it’s impossible for the tenant to have copied these keys.

There is often some confusion about Restricted and  Master-Key Systems. Simply put, a master key system consists of a group of different locks which can all be opened by one key (the master key) each lock can also be opened by a separate key (the change key) which cannot open any of the other locks. The term restricted refers to the fact that keys for these systems cannot be duplicated without written authorisation. You can have even greater security for your business by installing a restricted master key system, combing the two together.

A huge advantage to a restricted key system is the security behind the purchase. Locksmiths will not duplicate a key without a letter or signed order by one of the signatories for the approved system. This gives the owner complete peace of mind knowing just how many keys are in circulation.

At Key Central Locksmiths we will consult with you to design, install and maintain a master-key system that meets your business needs. We use only the most secure master key hardware. These systems provide advanced resistance to picking and drilling and can be retrofitted to most existing lock hardware.

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